We are a global band of gamers playing FPS, MMOs and survival games, hosting our own servers whenever possible. Anything team focused makes our axes itch. We play to win in a relaxed, awesome, drama free way. We welcome mature gamers (21+) - join us on our Discord below and jump in a game!

Currently our main focus is Star Citizen. We are active in game now, taking an interest in testing the patches, engaging with other Orgs and getting up to Mischief in the ‘verse. You can find out more about us here. If you wish to join our hardcore right now apply here and jump in Discord. We have been playing since the 3.0 patch and welcome new players and salty space dogs alike.


At the moment we are running total of three servers:

  • DayZ modded - Gods of Mischief #1 |NoStam|Trader|Map|WE|AE
    • Livonia map
    • Use DZSA launcher to join it
  • DayZ modded - Gods of Mischief #2 |NoStam|Trader|Map|WE|AE
    • Chernarus map
    • Use DZSA launcher to join it
  • Garry's Mod Prop Hunt - Gods of Mischief -  Prop Hunt | Join us: discord.me/godsofmischief
    • Running stable now, but some additions might still happen.
  • More to come?